April 3, 2018

Dr. Gaskill and his team are all very professional, competent and above all understanding and patient. I had a tore labrum in my hip that prevented me from exercising and enjoying life with my family, not to mention I may not have been able to progress my career in the military. I was seen by 3 different orthopaedic surgeons and a several other physicians before meeting Dr. Gaskill. All of the previous I had to research and ask them direct questions to get answers that I never really got a comforting response from either. A couple of them adamantly told me the MRI had a blip in it and coincidentally showed a faux tear at the same location as all my pain. Dr. Gaskill within minutes of speaking to him, he had confirmed to me the MRI results showing a true tear and was able to explain in detail that I could easily grasp as to why it was confirmed. During that first consultation he answered all of my previous questions I asked others and some I never considered without me having to ask. He explained to me the process from surgery prep all the way through recovery and I for the first time had a good idea of what to expect. My injury typically takes up to 6 months to recover to the same point I was before injury; I was back full duty in just under 90 days and better than before at 6 months. Dr. Gaskill is an experienced and knowledgeable MD that takes his practice seriously. He strives for excellence in being the best surgeon as well as prescribing the newest and best therapy methods. It's not easy to trust someone else with your livelihood and health but I trust Dr. Gaskill and would recommend him over anyone else.