If you suffer from pain and limited mobility due to a damaged or arthritic joint, a joint replacement surgery may be able to improve your quality of life and enable a higher level of activity. A joint replacement surgery, or arthroplasty, involves the replacement of the joint (or part of the joint) with a prosthesis. 

OSMC has the most experienced team of joint replacement surgeons in the area. Our surgeons have performed hundreds of joint replacements, and patients consistently report a better quality of life after recovery. 

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Via Christi Hospital and Manhattan Surgical Hospital, in conjunction with OSMC, have total joint programs to educate patients before and after surgery. Each program has highly specialized staff to provide care throughout the length of your stay. Your primary care physician will do appropriate pre-operative testing, such as lab work, a chest X-ray and an EKG. After surgery, physical therapists, occupational therapists, case managers, nurses and social workers work as a team to enhance your recovery.

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