Streamline to Sport is offered for anyone who has the goal of getting back to a specific activity or sport. Our team is looking to get you back to what you were doing before your injury- whether the sport or activity that you are attempting to return to is for your enjoyment, competition or your job. The final stage or advanced stage of rehabilitation includes activities such as running, cutting and change of direction, jumping, throwing, and sport-specific activity progressions.  

                Our physical therapy department is unique in which our team of therapists and athletic trainer work together to minimize the risk of injury or reinjury. After a major injury, such as an ACL reconstruction, getting back into your sport doesn’t feel the same and sometimes people call it an “out of body” experience. The person knows that they should be able to complete the activity or task because they could before; however, now because of neuromuscular error and/or lacking confidence they are unable to complete the activity to his/her satisfaction. That is why the mental component is important.

                The physical component plays a factor because the patient needs to have the strength and endurance to be able to complete activities with appropriate form that will decrease the risk of injury or reinjury, but the mental component has a big role in a full return to activity.  An ACL reconstruction patient that presents with apprehension or lacks confidence in one’s ability is a great example of this mental component. The reason for this could be multi-factorial and is specific to the individual. Possible reasons could be that the body doesn’t know how to carry out the task that your brain is telling it to. The body has receptors that receive messages from the brain to tell that body part to start, stop, bend to a specific degree, change directions, etc. After an injury and then surgery, like an ACL reconstruction, what your body knows as normal has now changed and your brain is relearning communication on how to carry out simple to complex tasks. This relearning can include things such as body positioning or process how much force a muscle needs to move how you intend. This relearning process can cause apprehension and compensation which increases your risk of injury or reinjury.

                Streamline to Sport is a service which will help guide and progressively return patients back to his or her activity by ensuring the progression aligns with the healing process of the body and allows the body to physically and mentally prepare for sports and activities.