About Articular Cartilage


Articular cartilage covers the end of bones in joints, cushioning the bones and allowing for easier movement and glide in the joints. Healthy cartilage allows joints to move freely, with very little friction.


Cartilage can be damaged by injuries, wear and tear, or degenerative disease. Damaged cartilage is less able to serve its purpose in cushioning joints, and can cause pain and reduced function in joints.


Articular Cartilage Restoration


Articular cartilage restoration refers to any of a number of procedures and tactics to stimulate regrowth of healthy cartilage in areas where cartilage is damaged. This can be achieved through stimulating bloodflow, grafting, or implanting healthy tissue, or using stem cells or other implants.


Typically, articular cartilage restoration is most effective in younger patients. The tactic is most commonly used on the knee, although it can also be effective in the shoulder and the ankle.

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