“You need a new knee,” came Dr. McAtee’s direct response to my question concerning a painful knee once used for walking, ballroom dancing, gardening, and Zumba! I wasn’t ready to sacrifice mobility yet, so after a half hour’s deliberation, I called the Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center and asked to be scheduled for a total knee replacement. A book of instructions and a pre-surgery consultation precluded my surgery date. After spending one night in the surgical center — where caring, efficient nurses attended to me — I was on my way home. After eight weeks of healing and physical therapy, my husband and I flew to Boston, where I walked the 20,000 steps of the Freedom Trail!

Then came my fallen arch and painful ankle that I had developed over a lifetime of being an active person. Dr. McAtee’s reply to “Can you fix this?” was, “Yes, I can and without fusing the ankle.” During the operation, he shifted my foot to a position it hadn’t seen in years, and performed a tendon transfer procedure. So now I have a new workable knee and a lovely arched foot that will soon be ready for hiking and dancing; however, I believe I’ll rule out skiing moguls!