Acute Injury Clinic

We set aside time each day at our clinic for the care of acute injuries. If our office is contacted for an acute injury, we will do our best to evaluate you the same day.

Work-Related Injuries

Our full-time workers’ compensation coordinator is available to help with all work comp issues.


X-rays play a vital role in orthopedic care. We have three X-ray machines on site.

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

We primarily carry Breg braces, including knee braces, elbow/shoulder braces, ankle supports, hand/wrist braces, and splints to stabilize and aid in the healing of injured joints. This equipment is only available with an OSMC physician’s prescription. However, we also carry items in our Ortho Store that do not require a prescription. 

Ortho Store

The Ortho Store makes it easy and convenient for our patients to get the medical accessories and equipment they need. We provide bandaging, bracing, splinting, ice packs, TED (compression) hose, and at-home physical therapy equipment. These items can be purchased inside the main lobby or in the Physical Therapy Department.