December 28, 2017

I have nothing but the very highest praise for the therapists at the Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center. I worked especially with Leah and Blair. Both were exceptional and respectful and caring.  FIVE STAR Review!.. Read more.

I tried Dry Needling to relieve shoulder pain. I was amazed how effective the treatment worked after the first treatment. Very effective!.. Read more. experience at OSMC was nonetheless a world-class experience of its own. The entire staff was incredibly helpful and attentive to my needs the entire time I was there and I felt I made gains after each and every session. .. Read more.

All personnel were with smiles and always encouraging me to reach my goals... Read more.

They were always very courteous but persistent during my therapy... Read more.

The people here are so very kind and compassionate, and truly have your best interest at heart... Read more.

...they sincerely care about each patient as if they were a member of their own family... Read more.

The entire staff, from the front desk staff, students, PTA's, to all of the PT's, made sure I was comfortable and doing my best... Read more.

Enjoyed my appointments and having withdrawal pains from not going!.. Read more.

I underwent a total ankle replacement in early May 2013. The rehab is a long haul, but all the folks at Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Physical Therapy were:
Hale & hearty
Patient & pleasant
Laudatory (offering praise when deserved)
...Yes, very helpful!.. Read more.